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Without whom none of this would have been possible, mon dieu!

~ The WOLF ~

"When a shepherd goes to kill a Wolf, and takes his Dog along to see the sport, he should take care to avoid mistakes.  The Dog has certain relationships to the Wolf the shepherd may have forgotten.”
Robert M. Pirsig

Ralph Waldo Emerson
for the inspiration:

"Every wall is a door."
"Dogs, take them or leave them... but bear in mind that they are the only members
of the animal kingdom who have bothered to make friends with humans....
Grace Glueck ~
New York Times
Bear ( Bearbrandt van Rin-Tin-tin ) • Jamie Greenie
Bella and Lilllly ( Canine Gothic Models ) • Jillian Burne
Boo • Anna & Jimmy Bruch
Chester • Barbara J. Kiviat
Cousin Pugsley( Marco Pogo of Picking ) Rosaly López ~
Daddy Bob's Lil' Sis ( Like Frida and I )

Dingo ( Dingo del Basket - Canine ) Wild Dog of Australia
Dusty • Aidan Donovan (from Ireland)
Foxy ( In Memoriam ) • Randy Vargas
Friday ( In Memoriam ) • Cliff Tekel

Laura Monster Kokopuff Sarah Ko & Martin Ahlgren

Maverick  ( Dr. Fill De Bowl ) Gina Ruiz
Maximus ( In Memoriam)The Staff at the Suffolk County SPCA who so desperately tried to save Maximus

Mogley( Mister Mogley, Baby Frida's Voice Coach ) Samantha Bartner

  Party girls Mona and 'Big' Sophie • Michelle Kang & John Fagan
Poochie • Janine Colón
Rider( Chopper Dog )Mark Chambers
Survivors of the Michael Vick killing ground
Best Friends Animal Society

(for their many kindnesses to our animals)

Martin Ahlgren & Sarah Ko • Photography ~ Fashion • not least for sheltering Rodin and me when threatened
Peter Altieri • Do dogs go to Heaven?
Aida Anasagasti • the incentive to create Caninism and to explore antitheism
Peter Applebome • The NEW YORK TIMES • The Story of Foxy the Pitt Bull
Artgrunge • Digital Imaging ~ Photography ~ Web Design
Lyn Webb • For Salvaging Xmas 2006 when all Doggy gifts
for Mommy Cindy were stolen • The Story of Leo, the Vicktory Dog
Clay Boone • Woodcarver ~ Signmaker •
Made our beautious DOGHOUSE sign.... From WOOD!!!
Derek Berg • Black & White Photography ~ Still fighting digital ~ GOOD!!!
Uncle Tommy "Shoprite" BreedveldIf he would only stop calling Frida Gretchen and Gertrude...! He sez he's from Holland, in Europe ( where many Schnuzuz come from ), but doesn't drink Hynie-kin beer, only doubel-pee Bud-Lite. H-m-m-m-m....
Anna Bruch (with Baby Baby Frida) • Photography: baby Baby Frida
Jossie Cabrera Guijarro • Contributor to comiCCanines and Canine Quotes
Jossie (1956 - 2009) will live eternally in our hearts. She is missed.
CAFÉ LOUP 105 West 13th Street, NYC Chef Lloyd Feit & the Dog Friendly Staff • For their many kindnesses towards us
Mark Chambers ( "That Masked Stranger" who rescued Rider ) • Coined "Licks and Kisses"
Janine Colón • Our Very Brave Sitter who stays with the kids in "Co-op Hell"
& Seiko • Rodin's 4th Birthday Photos and Pawty
The "co-op" Board at 15 East 10th Street ~ NYC without whose relentless threats, harassment and abuse we would never have discovered the many wonders of
( Brown, Harris, Stevens Residential Sales -- Co-op Board President)
, Peter Cameron (Author, Vice-President), Esther Hyneman (Secretary), Michael Watts (Treasurer),
Lori Antonacci, Dorah Jonason, Barry Sayewitz.

NEWLY CULLED: Melissa Stewart
(Board Secretary), Andy Clark (Member, Accountant), Haviland Morris (Member, Actress).
- Yvonne La Viale (
Property Manager, Rudd Realty) -
- Dr. Joel Bergman, Elaine Joyce
(Sycophants and Acolytes) -

"Every wall is a door"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Daniel C. Dugan • Tech Advisor ~ Print / Marketing Advisor
Marge Escalet • "Dog for Sale: Holy Shit!" & "Three Dogs"
Grammie Farris •  The Gift of
Auntie Penny Farris • "Ten Pet Peeves Dog's Have About Hoomins"
Dr. Ernesto Ferrán Jr, MD. Psychyatrist • for accepting our trio into "Family Therapy".
Michelle Kang (with Mona) • The hand that graces the glass that graces the wine that graces our Chillin' page.... • Photos of Bark-B-Q Pawty 06.28.09
Nasim Khan • Our friendly 'Boucher' ~ For the bones and venison he spoils us with and the bacon and chocolates he spoils Mommy Cindy and Daddy Bob with ~ Nature is NOT too green and poorly designed. It's glorious (with a lot of chocolate brown) !!!
Miyuki Koga • Photo: Rodin Walks the Girls -- The Kids page
Melissa @ PETCO Union Square • Makeup: Hair & Nails, Frida's eyelashes
John Montone (1010 WINS NY) • Canine Quotes "Endorsement"
Edita Nazaraite (with Clara) Suggesting the name "Frida" before we had added her
to our family • "The Humping Poodle" Clip & other contributions
Ilene Nosel (with Sebastian Maltese)for her encouragement and help in breaking through computer "ice".
Sarah Pellegrini @ PETCO Ramsey NJ • Makeup, Hair and Nails in Boobieland
Peter (Candlestick Maker) • always ready with a bowl of fresh water.
Pablo Picasso • Anasagasti "Diavolo"

Tamsin Pickeral • Author • THE DOG: 5,000 Years of the Dog in Art •
From-The-DOGHOUSE.com endorsement
Joseph Pons (with Stanley) • Midwest Correspondents
Lourdes Santiago • Mommy Cindy's friend • for ALL the gifts & goodies she's left us whenever she stays at "Co-op Hell". Don't know why. We should be thanking HER!
 Jud Spodek • Ever Helpful Teacher ~ Trainer to us AND tthe Kids!
in argas • Online merchandising consultant and purveyor of Gothic type
Dada Dog Vogle & Judy • Artiste et Sophie Sycophants • for their loving and affection
Special Thanks to Jossie Cabrera-Guijarro, Dan Dugan, Sonja Hofer, Susan Homar, Vincent Vargas and Eric Walczak for their invaluable editorial advice and proofing assistance
'Mommy Cindy'
Thank you for The DOGHOUSE
From, who else but...?

May the Dogs be with you!



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